Why Worship?

Everyone worships. Whether we have responded in faith to the call of the Gospel or not, we all worship something. Our worship is either directed to the only one worthy of our praise, our Triune God, or it is an idolatrous worship.

At Boone Trail, we believe that worship must be in Spirit (the power of the Holy Spirit) and in truth (the result of believing the truth of the Gospel). We also believe that we cannot worship God in anyway we like, but that we must worship God as He would be worshipped. These are our primary motivations and concerns. 

When you join with us you will find that we read the Word of God, we pray, and we sing songs of different ages, tempos and “styles." So when you come, there will be some things that are comfortable and familiar and some things that may be surprisingly uncomfortable and foreign. This is not a bad thing, but rather, a very good thing. We believe the Gospel is magnified and God is glorified when his people are bound together “in Christ alone.”

Congregational Worship

God has commanded all of creation to worship him through song. As a result he has gifted everyone with the ability to worship him in song.  Certainly some of us  can make a sweeter sounding melody with our voices than others but that does not diminish our responsibility and great privilege to sing praises to our triune God. 

We are committed to leading God's people in "Spirit and Truth." We do not lead to bring attention to ourselves but to direct attention to the God who has saved us. If God has gifted you with the ability to sing sweetly and/or play an instrument proficiently then we would love to hear from you.  

Maybe you don't sing in front of people or play an instrument. You can still serve Jesus and his church as we gather on Sunday mornings. We are always looking for more members of our tech-teams to run sound and video. If you can point and click a mouse, we can use you.

Questions? Want to know how you can serve? Contact Pastor Josh at jlake@boonetrail.net and fill out this form. A member of the music team will be in contact to set up an interview and audition (necessary for instrumentalists only).